How it works
The Skip Bag is a revolutionary, low cost alternative to traditional skips and they are ideal for building waste.
Skip bags are the new alternative and flexible way of hiring a Skip.
Made from strong woven plastic fabrics, the Skip Bags are designed to hold 1000kg –1500kg of DIY building or garden waste. Below you will find instructions on how to fill your bag please read them carefully.



1. When first opening your skip bag take care.

Firstly consult our terms and conditions before filling your bag. Click here to see them.
Skip Bags are very strong but may be weakened if damaged. Check your bag after unpacking it and avoid puncturing or tearing it during use. Do not use the bag to dispose of sharp objects, hot ashes or anything that may penetrate or tear it. Do not use the bag if it is damaged in anyway.


2. Positioning the Skip Bag

Open out the bag fully and position the bag properly before you start to fill it. You may not be able to move it later and any attempt to do so might result in you damaging the bag or injuring yourself. You should not place your Skip Bag on public highways, pavements or verges without obtaining prior permission to do so from your local authority.

Please note the following important instructions:

Positioning the Skip Bag


3. Filling the Skip Bag


Please ensure that you distribute the weight evenly and do not overload or fill the bag above the top edge. Initially fold down the side to make the bag more rigid and easier to fill. Once some waste is in the bag, pull up the four sides.The maximum weight is indicated on the bag this cannot be exceeded for safety reasons; the crane will not be able to lift any weights greater than this.


4. Materials accepted


It should be noted that the bags are designed for the disposal of ordinary household, garden and builders waste only. They must not be used for the disposal of asbestos, tyres, batteries, oil, pesticides, Household food waste, clinical waste, freezers, refrigerators or gas bottles. Failure to comply with this direction could put you in breach of strict environmental protection laws. If you are in doubt whatsoever, Lo call us on 0818 227036 or consult ITEMS WE CANNOT EXCEPT HERE


5. Calling us to arrange collection


Our telephone lines are operational 24 hours seven days a week to arrange a collection Lo Call 0818 227036 or order and pay for your collection on-line Please be ready to tell us:


Discounts are offered if two or more Skip Bags are ready for collection at the same time and address.You will be entitled to a discount for the second and any subsequent bags.